THIRD EDITION. 1919-1930.

The OS seemed to struggle in early days to find suitable sheet areas to cover E&W satisfactorly.

Even the Third Edition was originally issues in 12 Sheets, then three Special Sheets were added in Brown CoversFinally an "A" edition of 11 sheets was settled on( don't look for sheet 5A -there isn't one)These stages can be distinguished by reference to the key on the back cover.



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As with most OS maps, there are numerous revisions and reprints - please contact if you are looking for a particular "state" of any map.


SHEET    AREA                              COND'N        COST

 3             N E ENGLAND                    VG+               £3.50

 5             MIDLANDS (N)                    VG                 £3

10           ENGLAND , SW                   F                    £1 (front cover missing)

12           ENGLAND SE & LONDON   VG                £2 (Sandford cover)



SHEET    AREA                                   COND'N       COST

3             ENGLAND NORTH EAST     VG+              £4

4A           N.WALES & MANCHESTER VG+             £3.50

6A           N.MIDLANDS & LINCOLN    VG+              £4

9A           EAST ANGLIA                         G+              £2.50

10           ENGLAND SW   back civer missing (Map VG+   £2

                     "    "  -Stanford cover ( sections )    VG+    £3



SHEET   AREA                                 COND'N                   COST

GLASGOW & DISTRICT      MAP VG+ /No cover 1930   £1.50


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