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The FIFTH SERIES was first issued in 1962. It was still labelled "Quarter Inch Map of GB,

though, in fact it was metric - 1:250,000 - from the start. The cover design has changed

as above over the years.             Below: PU= Published date. CN=Condition CT =Cost

                                                     COVER 1             COVER 2                  COVER 3

 SHEET    AREA                        PU.   CN.  CT.     PU.  CN.   CT.           PU.   CN.    CT


                                                 SORRY ALL SOLD


 The following are Flat sheets ( no covers and unfolded ) - all virtually unused.

F/L = Flat - Heights shown by LAYERS of colours.

F/O = Flat-  OUTLINE EDITION- basically B&W  (red main roads)- spot heights only.

SHEET                      AREA

 3  F/O                    NORTHERN SCOTLAND

 6  F/L & F/O          FIRTH OF CLYDE

 7  F/L & F/O          FIRTH OF FORTH

10 F/L  & F/O        N WALES & LANCS

12 F/O                   S.WALES


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