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-particularly 1920s BOXED SETS and earliest SCOTTISH



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The maps  for sale on this site are the result of over 30 years of collecting used ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS.


A deficiency in British Mapping was highlighted by complaints from the Army when attempting to crush the 1745 Rebellion in Scotland and when there were fears of Invasion by Napoleon.

The Board of Ordnance, being "The supplier of Munitions and equiptment to the Army and Navy", was instructed to to carry out a Trigonometric Survey of the country.

A 'Great Base' for the first triange from which surveying would spread throughout the country was measured at Hounslow Heath in 1774  -a recent remeasuring , using the latest sattelite technology, showed a discrepancy of only  2.2 inches over the 5.2 mile base.

The first fruit of the resulting survey was a 1" map of KENT published by William Foden in 1801       -Forty years before the "Penny Black" !!

                                                                                                   DESCRIPTION OF MAPS.

A short history of each Series or Edition is given on the appropriate page.

When describing the "condition" of a map it must be assumed that it is "used".

This means that EX shows a map of exceptional quality for its age, appears to be virtually unused but not necessarily MINT.

VG+ shows a map with some signs of handling, perhaps even the owners signature, but very little damage or staining to the cover or map to  detract from its appearance.

This progresses through Good  and down to Poor in maps which may be torn or badly stained but have some value in research.

As these are my personal assessments of each map and its cover overall, I have a "no quible" return policy for anyone disagreeing with any map description. 

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1) O.S        2)  BARTHOLOMEW'S         3) MILITARY           4) FOREIGN 


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                          1)ORDNANCE SURVEY. 

ONE INCH AND 1:50,000


Old and New Series and 3rd Edition ( 1801- 1918 )      Popular Edition (1919-1926)

Fifth Edition ( 1930 s)         Sixth Edition (1940 - 1950 )

1" SCOTLAND only

Early Scottish maps (1856- 1913 )

Popular Edition (1924-1932)   Popular Edition c Nat Grid (  1934 - 1945 )      


Seventh Series (1952-1972)  

1 : 50,000  MAPS (1974+)

         1:25000 Outdoor Liesure & Explorer Maps (1980+)   


  For 1" TOURIST & HISTORIC maps of above 




                                             REPRODUCTIONS of Early Maps

                                                          IRELAND                               o

                                 OTHER SCALES

                                               1/2 " ROAD MAP (1912-1938)

                                               1/4" ROAD MAP (1913-1930)

                                                  1/4" 4th Edition (1934-46)

                                                  1/4" 5th Edition (1962 + ) 

                               1:25,000 OUTDOOR LEISURE & EXPLORER MAPS

                                                  1:100,000   TRAVEL MAPS

                                                 1:250.000 ROAD & TRAVEL MAPS

                                                1:625,000 ROAD & PLANNING MAPS

                           2) BARTHOLOMEW'S MAPS

                                                              CLICK HERE

                             3) MILITARY MAPS

                                                          1" MILITARY                                                      

                                                        1/4" MILITARY

                                                   GSGS FLYING MAPS

                             4) FOREIGN

                                          GERMANY 1:50,000 & 1:100,000

                                     FRANCE & SWITZERLAND    1:50,000       

                                                      ITALY 1:50,000                                     

                                                  DENMARK 1:50,000